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Adventures in monitoring, part 1 of *mumble*

So far, I’ve not done anything terribly exciting with the emonpi, or the emonTH, but I have set up some feeds to log data of my electricity usage, and also the external temperature and humidity here. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the data longer term, but for now have some “pretty” graphs External Humidity   External Temperature

Energy Monitoring

A while ago I tinkered with Open Energy Monitor┬árunning on a PC, but that seemed a bit wasteful, so I abandoned it after a few months. ┬áLast week I ordered an emonpi from the folks at Open Energy Monitor, it’s a pretty shiny bit of kit. For now, I have it hooked up to monitor my electricity usage, but I’ve…

Graeme Thomson

Yeah yeah, I know it’s more than a little cliche, but it did seem an appropriate title for my first foray into WordPress

There will be more content to follow, probably related to a mix of open energy monitor, amateur radio, home automation and greyhound rescue.